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Website Redesign

We have completely resigned the site. There are many new features that are in the process of being implemented. If you notice any bad links or bugs, fell free to let use know.

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Follow the apps link above to browse all of the apps and themes we have to offer. We are uploading new themes all of the time. Datamonkey publisher link all active downloads.

Weekly Updates

We’re constantly upgrading our themes and improving on them with functionality and error solutions. Icons and feature requests are welcome.

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We offer fast and effective support for all applications that we offer. Contact us to get started!

Developer Resources

Check out the blog for a variety of dev articles including icon theme help and java tutorials.

Bug/Update Report

MW3 Sqrd ADW Theme receives update. Current version now 1.1.Click for Market link. –03/06/2012
ICS SQRD is now available for Go Launcher. Built on version 2.4. Click for Market link. –02/26/2012
Honeycomb/Apple SQRD and Halo Reach themes will be receiving an update soon to resolve some minor display issues. –01/16/2012
It has been noticed that since the recent update of ADW EX Launcher (bought version) some docks for our themes may not display properly on certain devices. We are aware of the issue and working on a resolution. ICS and MW3 themes are not affected. –01/16/2012
  • Best ever in adw. After installing this all other icons looks as nothing. Good work guysfayaz, Apple Theme

  • Awesome theme for the MW3 fan.Hector, MW3 Theme

  • Great. Its a great looking theme. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL HALO FANS!Charles, Halo Theme

  • Best ICS theme so far! It looks great and has more icons available than other ICS themes I’ve played with.Margaret, ICS Theme

  • Needs more icons but really nice icons that are there. My favorite honeycomb style themeMatthew, HC Theme

  • Awesome. Can’t get any better!Reuben, Apple Theme

  • Very nice. I had the honeycomb squared so I figured I’d check out the ics like it a lot better than the honeycomb bravo to the developersMatt, ICS Theme

Frequently Asked Questions for ADW Themes

  • How do I apply an ADW theme after installed from Android Market?

    The fastest way to apply an ADW theme is to navigate to your home screen and select the menu (hardware) button > more > ADWSettings. Find “Theme Preferences” on the list of options and select. Scroll through the installed themes until you find the desired only and select apply. You should receive a notification if successfully and your them should now be applied.
    Check the video demo below for further instruction.

    (Video Demo Coming Soon)

  • How do I replace a home screen icon with an included theme icon?

    From your home screen long press any application icon or dock icon. From there you will get a pop up menu with a few options, select edit > press the icon image > adwtheme iconpacks > ADW.”Theme Name”. Then you should see a library of icons to choose from. That should do it.
    Check the video demo below for further instruction.

    (Video Demo Coming Soon)

  • How would I install the clock or other widget APK’s found on this site?

    Once you have downloaded any of the APK’s from our site (links in apps section) you will need to transfer them to your phone (SD-card) and then use your desired file manager (I recommend “Astro File Manager”. Free on the market) to navigate to the file location. Once you have located the file, select > open app manager > install and follow the prompts. That should take care of it. You will be able to add your widgets from there.
    Check the video demo below for further instruction.

    (Video Demo Coming Soon)

  • I’ve installed a Datamonkey theme but some of my application icons are not being replaced by theme icons?

    Sometimes icons are not replaced once a theme is applied. After applying for the first time reboot your device to ensure all icons have been loaded completely. If the icons still do not show up contact us for an icon request (including the application, device model, and os version) to have it researched further. Applications are always changing and differently manufactured devices have different app references. We try our best to keep up but don’t always get everything. We will periodically release updates to fix these issues.

For a more in depth guide to the ADW application click here.