Pricing Guide

Data Monkey is free to use as long as you want,
with an unlimited number of file templates.



For small projects or unlimited evaluations.

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Basic includes

Everything you need to make data transformation easy:

  • Create unlimited file templates for managing your data transformations.
  • Validate, modify, and filter your data through a configuration-based approach.
  • Generate reports with advanced analytics on any data file (up to 1 million rows, 500MB).
  • Process files using the Data Monkey servers (up to 500MB), or locally using our open-source Python library.

Coming 2020

For advanced features and commercial use.

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Pro includes

Everything in Basic, with advanced features and capabilities:

  • Access advanced data transformation features and supported data types.
  • Generate unlimited reports with additional analytics and data quality metrics.
  • Process any number of files ― with no limits their size.
  • Automate file processing using scheduled jobs.

Coming 2020

For large teams and white-labelled solutions.

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Enterprise includes

Everything in Pro, with additional emphasis on security and scalability:

  • Host Data Monkey on-premise for increased flexibility and control.
  • Integrate with Data Monkey using our secure API.
  • Manage large teams that need controlled access.
  • View changes to a file templates through version control ― and easily revert them.
  • Receive timely technical support from a dedicated Data Monkey team.